Due to changes in sales tax law, we are required to have a valid resale certificate on file for each state in which we have a sales tax nexus. At this time, the only state in which we have a sales tax nexus is the state of Texas. We are happy to honor your tax-exempt status for any orders to state(s) where you currently have exempt status. If you have a valid tax exemption, please use the form below to upload your documentation.

For customers based in Texas, you can use the below link to download and complete the reseller certificate and send to us by email and we will tax exempt your account. 

TX Sales and Use Tax Resale Certificate - PDF

How to Obtain Sales Tax Exemption

If you do not currently have a tax exemption form we advise contacting the tax agency that handles tax exemptions in your state. One resource that may help in identifying who to contact in your state is https://www.streamlinedsalestax.org/contacts/state-contact-information.

Additional Questions?

Email us at: contact@supply4less.com

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